UCB Pharma, a leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing, needed to expand its presence at trade show booths to show physicians how its products stand apart. In the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, getting the message across is almost as important as the medication itself. A drug can be the most effective solution in the market, but physicians need the right marketing materials to make smart prescribing choices.


Before, UCB Pharma’s trade show booths were completely devoid of interactive multimedia. Vanik’s team of coders, designers, engineers and animators invented a breakthrough experience.
The short video shows a promotional campaign, UCB Beyond, developed from 2D artwork. The 3D environment was projected on a video loop in full HD on a 40' wide banner hanging over the exhibit booth. Elements of the 3D animation were used to enhance electronic-detail aids and tie the open air feeling of the campaign to product messaging.


With Vanik leading the way, UCB Pharma transitioned to a fully interactive booth of over 20 displays with an assortment of games, e-learning presentations, animated illustrations, facilitated contests and giveaways, among other exciting promotional materials. The traffic increased and the interactive environment led to them exceeding their lead and, ultimately, sales goals.